Hey, so let’s chat about something. I think we should TOTALLY stay connected on social media. Yep. Don’t you agree? Yay. I’m glad we were on the same wavelength. Here is how to follow our journey on a few different sites.

Oh my word. Please tell me you have an Instagram account. If you don’t, go set one up really quick and you will thank me later. Instagram is a fun way of following the journey of others via pictures. Let’s stay connected with pictures. Wooohooo. I’m so excited. You can follow our crazy adventures with accounts dedicated to our specific websites.

This is where the crazy fun happens. Yep. You don’t want to miss out on crazy fun, right? I didn’t think so. When you follow us, aka (subscribe to us) on YouTube, you won’t miss one single video. We will be sharing the majority of our content through the form of videos. Make sure to subscribe to each of the channels below that interest you, and let the fun begin!

We couldn’t leave Facebook out, now could we? That would be so rude to leave them high and dry. Let’s make this way simple. You have a couple of options. You can follow my personal journey on my personal newsfeed, which is way personal. Actually, it’s not, but after saying the word personal a few times, it sounds dramatic, and I like dramatic. You can also connect with us in our ultimate secret Facebook groups. There I go being dramatic again. They aren’t all that secretive, hence me blabbing about it to you here. With all that being said, we would love to have you connect in our communities. Are you as excited as I am? Good, I can’t wait to see you over in the groups. Remember, shhhh, keep it a secret. I kid, I kid, bring all the friends you wish to bring!